About Us

The Centre of Healing Therapies  &  College of Healing Therapies were established in 1984 by Maureen Harmony, ND, CH.

The Centre of Healing Therapies provides a full range of personalised and professional natural health, metaphysical, aromatherapy and clinical hypnotherapy services for the corporate and private sector. Clinics are located in Peregian Beach, Queensland (Peregian Beach is on the Sunshine Coast, approximately 115 kms north of Brisbane, Queensland) and Dubbo, NSW, Australia (Dubbo is approximately 450 kms west of Sydney, NSW).

The College of Healing Therapies is a Specialist Massage and Clinical Hypnotherapy College, a Professional Association accredited College, as well as an ASQA* accredited training organisation. It provides fully accredited training courses which are a combination of in-class intensives and homestudy.  Courses are conducted in Peregian Beach (Sunshine Coast, Qld) and other locations  (for example, Dubbo (NSW) and Brisbane (Qld)) for those interested in pursuing a career path in Natural Therapies. The College also conducts short interest and homestudy courses for the corporate and private sector.      (*ASQA = Australian Skills Quality Authority - a Government accreditation Board)

Essential Pampering Aromatherapy Clinic helps you step out of the stresses of everyday life and experience total relaxation and comfort whilst experiencing a range of therapies which combine the powerful healing abilities of touch with pure essential oils and other natural healing ingredients.

Beadgorgeous Jewellery Designs  Personalised and unique handmade jewellery by Maureen and Michelle Harmony using the colours and healing qualities of semi-precious gems, pearls and other beads to enhance and complement you. Australian made quality jewellery.    A fashion range is also available.   

Michelle Harmony  is a qualified Beauty Therapist, Jewellery Designer/ Manufacturer and accredited Photographer. Michelle enjoys finding the unique in the images she is capturing, creating a treasured photographic memory for her clients

Maureen H. Harmony   (ND, DipCH, DipSM, Dip.Aroma, RkM,  AcT.ATMS, AcT.PCHA, EO.HCA, RTO) is a Naturopath, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Remedial Masseuse, Aromatherapist, Metaphysician, Psychotherapist and Registered Training Organisation Provider. She has been awarded seven Diplomas and twenty Certificates, and is a member of several Professional Therapist’s Associations.

Maureen is also an Accredited Massage and Aromatherapy Tutor, Personal Growth and Clinical Hypnotherapy Tutor, and holds a Workplace Training and Assessment qualification. She has published many articles on Natural Therapies and Relaxation, and is currently writing several books on the subjects.

After pursuing a business career in Management, Maureen undertook formal Naturopathic studies and, in 1983, established her own health-related businesses, including The Centre of Healing Therapies. In 1985 Maureen established The College of Healing Therapies to enable those interested in pursuing a casual interest or career path in Natural Therapies to learn from Maureen's years of knowledge and expertise in the field. Maureen and the College have achieved accreditation status with The Australian Traditional Medicine Society, the Association of Massage Therapists, AAMT, Professional Clinical Hypnotherapists of Australia Inc. and ASQA (a government accreditation board).   The College is also a Foundation Member of the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (the peak body for Hypnotherapists in Australia).

Maureen has extensive experience with Natural Therapies and has been a lecturer of relaxation, personal growth and metaphysical subjects to the private and corporate sector since 1979. She has undertaken several research trips, headed study groups to the United States and South America, and conducts seminars for up to 250 people at a time. As Maureen operates a natural therapies clinic she is able to continually update and refine her techniques, and enjoys sharing this knowledge in a practical, easy to understand and fun way.

Maureen is available to conduct seminars on such subjects as natural therapies, personal health, the benefits of massage, self development, effectively using the power of your mind to achieve your goals/better health, clinical aromatherapy, knowing yourself through reflexology, clinical hypnotherapy and its effect on the self image, relaxation techniques to improve health and wellbeing, and other related subjects.

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