Angel's Words of Wisdom


Angel's story...... Seven years ago I was walking to the post office and a 250 gram, 2 weeks old kitten fell from the roof of a near-by building to the ground in front of me.    No trace of any other cat or kitten could be found in the area by all those who searched.   I took her home and hand-raised her and named her Angel.   Whilst she likes to spend time in the office with me, it is mostly in a supervisory role from one of her favourite observation posts (top of a bookshelf or the top of the photocopier).... although a lot of this time is spent snoozing!  As Angel demonstrated early in her life her ability to change a negative to a positive, attracting to her a safe and loving home, I thought she was a perfect choice to contribute to the articles section of my website.


Angel today  



One  of  the  greatest  gifts  you can  give  yourself  is  to Believe  In  You  -  gift  yourself  often!

My eyes are perfectly healthy and well focused now and always.