look better .... feel better .... using the all natural, healing oils of plants ....

Essential Oils from Flowers Reflexology and Aromatherapy are a great combination


What is Aromatherapy?  

Aromatherapy is the ancient art of using the healing properties of plants to heal the troubled mind or diseased body.

How does Aromatherapy work? 

The therapeutic actions of the essential oils are carried throughout the body by the nervous system, effecting the body not only on a cellular, physical level, but also at the mental, emotional and spiritual levels - making Aromatherapy one of the most holistic and natural therapies available.

How can Aromatherapy be used?     

The two most popular ways to receive the therapy are  Aromatherapy Massage and Aromatherapy Facials    (please also go to Beauty Therapies)

Aromatherapy may also be enjoyed during a remedial massage or reflexology treatment, in skin care (using creams/lotions especially prepared for you), added to bath water, by inhalation, in compresses, vaporisers or oil burners, as a perfume, etc.

How Aromatherapy can help you

As well as enjoying the pleasant aromas, you will feel the oils healing influence -

  • Soothing your nervous system - bringing relaxation and calm
  • Calming the emotions - returning confidence and peace of mind
  • Rejuvenating your skin - promoting skin vitality
  • Rebalancing your body - reversing the symptoms of dis--ease
  • Relaxing and toning your muscles - aiding your everyday activities
  • Uplifting your spirits - bringing more vitality and inner peace to your life

Are all oils safe to use?

Aroma-therapy is just that - it is a therapy and, therefore, only the best quality oils should be used. Not all oils available are of the right quality to use for therapy. Also oils should not be used during pregnancy without professional advice, and certain oils are not to be used with conditions such as blood pressure, kidney disorders and epilepsy. Our Therapists can advise you on safe usage.

Where do I experience Aromatherapy at its best?

Our Therapists are fully qualified specialists in their field, and will be more than happy to provide personalised care for you.

Our Centre has an extensive range of purest quality essential oils, base massage creams/lotions/oils, books on aromatherapy, and other aromatherapy supplies at very affordable and competitive prices. We are able to mix up skin care creams/toners, aromatherapy oil blends, aromamists, etc., especially for your requirements.      We also offer courses in Aromatherapy.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs so that we can create the ideal Aromatherapy experience for you ............

We invite you to experience the benefits !


Dear Maureen,
I just wanted to say many thanks for the constant newsletters; they are always full of little pearls of wisdom and I love to browse through them.  Recently one little snippet helped me a great deal and I particularly wanted to thank you for it.  I have been suffering greatly from pre-exam stress and extreme 'during exam' stress, making it difficult to concentrate and causing confusion - getting things back to front etc.!  Just to put you in the picture...
I was accepted this year into an aviation academy and am in training to become an avionics aviation engineer.  We train from 8am-3.30 every day with theory exams every Friday from 9am - 12pm, covering everything we have learned in that week.  These exams are anything up to 75 questions and the pass rate is a minimum of 75% in order to continue at the academy so the stress factor is quite high at times.  The theory is very new to me and some of it quite complex and sometimes difficult to assimilate. 
I spoke with all my instructors and many others in an attempt to garner some advice on how to handle this problem, but no advice really worked.  So I tried the lavender, bergamot, relaxion type things and it actually made things worse!  Then I read the little snippet in one of your newsletters about concentration and "Mix.... 2 drops Black Pepper, 3 drops Lemon, 2 drops Peppermint and 2 drops Rosemary..."  I didn't have these things, however in desperation I sprinkled black pepper and squirted fresh lemon juice into my morning cup of tea right before the exam... and it worked a treat!!!  I also slipped a quartz crystal gifted to me from my grandma into my pocket and held it through the entire exam.  It was fiery hot when I walked out....
My marks have improved from 76 - 81% (with great struggle) to 92%-96% in my last two exams.  I am just amazed. 
So thankyou.  With all heart.  It has made every difference to me - and to my confidence in what I am doing.  As a result of these marks I decided to apply for two weeks work experience and was accepted - and having just completed the work experience last Thursday - They offered me a job!  And all because of lemon juice, pepper and a little quartz crystal.
Thanks Maureen.  You're super.  If there is ever anything I can do to return the kindness please do let me know.
xx T.