Clinical Hypnotherapy


'My life changed the day I met you.   You have helped give me the courage and the confidence to be the person
I have always wanted to be, and not to fear that person but embrace her.  You have given me the precious gift of courage
and I thank you for that.    You are a truly inspirational person'  KM


Change the state of your mind and you change the health of your body

What is Hypnotherapy ?

Hypnotherapy is a very deep state of relaxation. Under hypnotherapy the body is very relaxed and the mind is free to listen to positive suggestions which it uses to ‘overprint’ any undesired habit.

What is the difference between Clinical Hypnotherapy and the stage show variety?

The title says it all. This is Clinical Hypnotherapy. That means it is a therapy, conducted in a fully professional manner, by a fully qualified and experienced practitioner to help overcome a specific problem. The sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs and your response to the therapy.

Is Hypnotherapy safe?

The hypnotic state is a completely safe, natural and healthy state of mind.

Can everyone be hypnotised?

In my experience - yes. Some people are more susceptible than others (this means that they respond quicker to the deep state of relaxation than some other people would). It is possible to induce a hypnotic state in everyone, some people needing more time to respond than others.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Clinical hypnotherapy can be used to overcome any unwanted habits, e.g . smoking, overeating, nailbiting, gambling, drinking, pre-exam nerves, as well as neutralising unresolved traumas, improving your self image, motivation, study abilities, etc. A bonus with any session is the lasting habit of being relaxed and in control of your life.

Can I have hypnotherapy for two unwanted habits at the same time?

This is not recommended due to the fact that they are both strong, long standing habits. I will talk to you about your desired goals at the first session.

How successful is hypnotherapy?

It is my clinical experience over the past twenty years that everyone can be helped with hypnotherapy, some people taking a little longer than others to respond. The therapy has a long history of being very effective. An important point to remember is that everyone needs to be assessed and helped individually for the maximum results to be achieved. I have achieved many of my personal goals using self hypnosis.

What should be my most important concern regarding hypnotherapy?

You should make sure that the hypnotherapy session you attend is conducted in a professional manner by a fully qualified and fully professional Therapist who has adequate clinical experience to help you. Your mind is valuable, please don’t trust it to just anyone.

What am I likely to feel like during and after the session?

Very relaxed !

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Testimonial ....

Hi my name is Anna, I was recently visiting my parents on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland.
I have been suffering from severe depression. Having made an agreement with my doctor that my alternative to being hospitalised was to create a hospital at home environment. So at this point where else could be better than a four day rest with my adoring parents.

Here is the amazing part of my short journey. With all the changes in medication and stress that I had been experiencing my skin was feeling particularly ordinary. I believe I was led to firstly Michelle Harmony from The Centre of Healing Therapies who gave me a facial which was sensational.

I was up front with Michelle in regard to my current well-being. Michelle suggested that Maureen may be able to help me firstly to relieve some of the pain I was having in my neck and shoulders with needless acupuncture.

I met Maureen who performed the needleless acupuncture. I was able to feel considerable relief from the pain instantly! Having never had needleless acupunture before I was unsure how it would compare with the more traditional style using needles. I could highly recommend it. As my appointments were at the end of the day time was running out . As Maureen was working on my pressure points we discussed how hypnotherapy could be of benefit to me.

One area in my life I needed to clear up was that as long as I can remember I have carried guilt around with me. in my life. In most cases with no need what so ever!
Another area that needed some clearing was that I have felt compelled to try to save my friends and often strangers when in trouble. It got to the point where my involvement would have a negative effect on myself and my family..

I arranged to have my session with Maureen the following day. I have no idea what magic Maureen used in that 1 hour hypnotherapy session. Some people just have that gift as in this case. I am delighted to say that I have not felt guilty since that day. I have also began being able to step aside from situations where in the past I felt the need to control and make everything better. Even in areas that were not directly related to me.

When I am next visiting my Mum and Dad I will be sure to check in with Maureen for another amazing experience and Michelle for a facial.

Thank you to both Michelle and especially Maureen. An amazing gift you have!

Warmly, Anna August 2003


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