Recognise   your   potential ...

Cope with Loss and Grief ...


' taught me some very wonderful skills to guide me through those hard times.   Thank you once again ...' PA

'I would like to say a huge thank you for all the tools and guidance you have so kindly given me to grow as an adult.  Thanks again Maureen for everything you have taught me.' PK

'Thank you for being the person you are and for helping me be the person I am now.  I wish you joy and happiness always.' KM

'Thank you.   I appreciate the beautiful gift YOU are to the world.'    MC

'Thank you so much for being there for me and, once again, helping me through some challenging times.  I now have the confidence to face anything.' SC


Personal counselling & life coaching sessions enable you to recognise the habits and programmes that are stopping you from achieving your full potential, whether it is on the physical, mental, emotional or spiritual level. The methods discussed with you for achieving your goals are safe, practical and effective, as well as being easy to use.


Loss and grief......
Loss is an individual experience for everyone and it helps if those around us can understand and accept this.   If not, it can take us a lot longer to bounce back and start to participate in life again.
In times of loss and grief, one of the greatest supports we can receive is the listening ear and supportive words of someone who has ‘been there’.
No one can take away the emotional pain we are feeling, however, it is of tremendous help to speak with someone who can offer some positive and supportive suggestions to guide us through the experience. 


I would like to offer my knowledge and experience to help those in genuine need to help them navigate through their experiences.    

Sessions are available with Maureen either in clinic or via phone.    Confidentiality is assured.

All sessions are tailored to suit your individual needs.

Subject covered in counselling and psychotherapy include loss and grief, weight management, leaving trauma behind, understanding and overcoming unwanted habits, believing in you and your abilities,   

                                                          To make an appointment please contact me by phone (appointments are not made via email)