Eye Diagnosis, Blood & Organ Analysis



Eye Diagnosis

Eye Diagnosis is the assessment of the body through the iris (the coloured area of the eye) and the whites of the eye. This method is based on over 400 years of information gathered by practitioners. These findings have been confirmed in many different ways, e.g. by studying patients before and after operations and by comparing various signs in the eye with the tissues and organs during autopsies. 

Nerve pathways from all over the body are continually sending information to the brain, which monitors vital activities going on within the body. These nerve impulses are relayed to the iris tissue, where the changes are recorded in the eye tissue. 

Eye diagnosis is a health assessment tool and does not diagnose or name diseases but can identify areas or organs which may be weaker, be overactive or under active or have poor waste removal, all of which contribute to the body’s state of health. It can also show areas within the body that are inflamed, overactive, degenerating or under active. This will suggest an area of dysfunction that requires support.


Organ Testing

This method indicates the working level of most organs within the body. The equipment has been developed to gauge the vitality of the organs and follows acupuncture meridians* within the body (without the use of the traditional needles). The readings, which are obtained by placing a probe on the skin's surface, are recorded on a graph for visual assessment and comparison at future retesting to determine the body’s response to treatment.

* Where there is stress and tension, or disease, these energy channels or meridians can become blocked (just like a clogged drainpipe). The organs or areas of the body along its pathway very slowly deteriorate, leading to the onset of various symptoms, sometimes too vague to label with a specific title.

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