Massage Therapy


  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Reduces aches and pains
  • Increases muscle relaxation
  • Improves the performance of muscles
  • Re-energises the body
  • Improves the circulation of body fluids
  • Helps to create a healthier body and mind
  • Increases the healing ability of the body
  • Improves enjoyment of life with better fitness/health
  • Is equivalent to several hours of refreshing sleep
  • Increases the freedom of movement & co-ordination
  • Helps reduce the risk of injury
  • Is beneficial for any age (from infant to elderly) and any symptom
    (each massage is designed to suit you)

and as well as all this ....

Your Body deserves It !

What is Massage?

Massage has been used as a therapy since the time of Hippocrates. It is a system of specific movements which relax the muscle fibre and reduce tension.

Our style of massage therapy is 'user friendly' as we do not follow the 'no pain, no gain' style of massage.  Our massage is deeply relaxing, encouraging the body to release its natural 'feel good' chemicals, known as endorphins.  These natural endorphins are many times more powerful than pharmaceutical drugs.  

How does Massage help the body?

Massage increases blood supply to the muscles (without increasing their toxic load of lactic acid, therefore helping overcome fatigue). It improves muscle tone, prevents muscular atrophy (which is why it is valuable for bedridden convalescents), heightens tissue metabolism, speeds up blood circulation, pushes lymph through the lymph canals - and much more.

Experiments have concluded that a good massage is equivalent to approximately four hours of sleep, thus increasing performance, motivation, endurance and decreasing fatigue.

Which symptoms can Massage help?

Massage can be used to successfully treat many conditions, such as repetitive strain injuries, arthritis, injuries, rheumatism, poor circulation, nerve and muscular pains, lower back discomfort, constipation, headaches, migraine, stress, discomforts of menopause, insomnia, etc...... as well as providing support, relaxation and nurturing during palliative care, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, cancer, life-limiting and life-ending symptoms.

Not only does our massage therapy help you feel good, it also creates a deep sense of relaxation and well-being throughout the body which helps it heal at the deep tissue level up to ten times faster!     Our style of massage also enables the body to release endorphins.... its own feel-good, pain relieving substance.

The different types of Massage Therapy available at our Centres

  • Relaxation - because your body deserves it!
  • Remedial - to rectify a specific problem area for symptom (e.g. headaches, sore shoulders/back)
  • Swedish - a more vigorous massage
  • Deep Muscle- working into the deep muscle layers to release tension held there (non painful).   This is more than just a deep massage.
  • Sports - for sporting/exercise injuries/tension from gym/sports or from walking the dog
  • Aromatherapy - using essential oils to calm and relax - a very gentle, flowing massage
  • Myofascial Release Therapy - releases blocked nerve energy by releasing tension in the fascia (the 'cling wrap' around the muscles)
  • Reflexology - massage of the hands or feet to benefit the whole body
  • Acupressure - the application of pressure to various trigger points throughout the body to bring about a release of tension and relieve discomfort
    (All of these can be used individually or combined)
  • Massage for oncology / palliative care / end of life - read more

About our Acupuncture therapy

When you experience physical injuries, shock, strong negative emotions, constant stress and tension, etc., it can drain or imbalance the vital life force that flows through your body, causing disease or pain, delaying the healing process, sometimes for years. Acupuncture can re-establish balance within the body’s energy flow, thus relieving pain and discomfort. The method of acupuncture we use is called bio-electronic acupuncture and does not require the use of needles. The acupuncture treatment may be carried out on points in the ear which relate to the area in the body, as well as on the body part itself. The therapy is especially appealing to those who have a dislike of needles.

Combining Massage Therapy and Acupuncture creates a very powerful healing process within the body.

Many of our clients have experienced the relaxation and healing benefits of massage. Others have combined massage with our needle-less acupuncture therapy and experienced even greater and longer lasting relief from aches, pains and muscle soreness.

We invite you to ....

Experience the Benefits!

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