Comments From Some Of Maureen's Graduates:

'Thank you for a year I will long remember.   Thank you for the awareness you so freely shared with us and the warmth you have shown me.   The experience has been far beyond my expectations.' RW

'Thank you for the past year and everything that you have done for me.   Not only did I become a better massage therapist, I feel that I have grown as a person, more confident to be who I truly am.'  KM

'Thank you for all your help and guidance this year.   I have very much appreciated everything about the course and your advice.'  TM

'Thanks for a great year, and for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.' SF

'Thanks Maureen for your guidance, wisdom, encouragement and love.' MN

'Thank you for your tuition, guidance and motivation during the remedial massage course.  Much appreciated.' MG

'Thank you for your guidance and wisdom which has helped in completing this course.' J

'Those who teach touch forwever those they reach. Thank you' CH

'Thank you for all you have ever learnt, and your willingness to pass it along, and for providing this wonderful journey.' A

'Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge, your friendship and guidance over the last twelve months.' AT

'Thank you for giving us/me your positive energies, the ability to believe in myself and the knowledge and techniques to giving healing therapies to others.' DB

'Overall the course and it’s content have been an invaluable experience - one of the most enjoyable and empowering experiences of my life. I am so grateful that I have been able to participate in the course.... and the bonus is all the beautiful friendships I have made. Thank you most sincerely Maureen’ MF

‘Overall; learnt some fantastic techniques, feel very confident providing massage’ JG

‘I love the style in which you teach and talk to the class and you have given me lots of interesting and relevant information. I think because you are not just a massage therapist it adds to the experience.... I have really enjoyed my time and am glad I followed through with my decision to enrol and finish.’ AB

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the course and thought that Maureen presented the course in a thoroughly professional and informed manner.’ CS

‘Loved this course and Maureen’s style of massage and knowledge. Would recommend to any and everyone! Very proud to say I was taught by Maureen Harmony.’ AP

‘I would recommend this course without hesitation. I have learnt so much, not only about massage, about myself as well. I have grown in many ways and my self confidence has increased immensely’ AH

‘My overall impressions of this course is that I would recommend it to anyone thinking about doing a massage course! Felt Maureen is a great teacher who knows her stuff and can walk her talk! Thank you.’ AT

‘Being something I have always wanted to do, my experience was altogether enhanced by the people I have met and massaged and I truly loved every minute.’RB

‘This has been a huge journey for me. Not only did Maureen teach me about massage, but about how to believe in myself and then the joy that comes from that belief and KNOWING!’ AM

‘I loved it. Really enjoyable.’ MM

‘Thoroughly enjoyed the course. Going on to do the Diploma.’ KJ

‘I have really enjoyed doing this course, and meeting like minded people. Maureen taught and showed us much more than just massage. Thank you.’ SC

‘From first contact, when I enquired about the course, I realised how professionally the course ran. Maureen is an amazing tutor. I feel comfortable talking to her about any concerns. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course.’ AP

‘The course was excellent. I have learnt a lot about myself and this gives me the courage to pursue my new career.’ SH

‘Enjoyed the course thoroughly. Thank you very much Maureen. You have taught me a lot about massage and also some great life lessons. You have been a significant person in my life.’ MB

‘Really enjoyed the course and the hands-on / practical experience. Your knowledge and background to this course makes it more interesting.’ BL

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I have got so much out of doing this course, plus learnt to do something I can enjoy. You are correct - I can achieve my goals ....It is so hard to express my gratitude for everything I have absorbed from your class. Thanks again - A.W.

...A holistic course covering the person as a whole. Thank you for your care - MD

I found the course to be beneficial in all areas. I feel more confident with massage & myself. The techniques were great, very easy to learn. .....10 out of 10. - T.P.

Excellent! Tutors were extremely good ....... Would recommend this course to anyone interested in this field. - K.M.

I found the course to be extensive. Basically, I felt that the course covered everything I needed to know... I was glad so much was practical. Thanks for everything, its been a great year and certainly set my life on a new path! - F.M.

.....I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was very thorough. I’ve learnt a lot about myself... not to mention about the human body. I’m really glad I took the challenge and did the course - K.H.

....The theory on anatomy was very thorough - I actually enjoyed reading & studying from the textbook. The practical aspect of the course covered a wide range of types of massages that will be very useful for different sorts of situations......Thank you - M.O.

It was very good. I didn’t feel like I was in a "school room" situation which helped me learn easier. - K. H.

A course that could be recommended to anybody, because not only do you learn to help peoples problems, you learn so much about the body, especially your own. It’s been terrific. - O.B.

Found the course very educational and informative. All aspects covering many areas of massage ailments. Enjoyed question and answers, and feedback from other students and tutors. Good to cover different massage techniques (instead of being stuck on only one), and other alternative remedies, and Dr Bach and Aromatherapy. - D.F.

Highly recommended & very relaxing. Learnt a lot. "Love the Bach Flowers". Met heaps of great people. - D.T.

Very rewarding....... I just love being able to help people and see their positive reactions to the massage. I thought the course was well designed with a good balance; tutors helpful & patient. Thanks Maureen. - D. C.

Enjoyed every minute. Feel much more confident with learning as I have not studied for many years. Thank you for a most rewarding course. - A.C.

What a wonderful course. I can’t wait to get out in the mainstream. Very worthwhile. I have learnt a lot. - C.A.

This course has changed my life...... Maureen has been the best guide that I could have asked for .... I recommend this course to anyone, anywhere, anytime. Thank you very much Maureen - sincerely J.A.

The content was really good and it was a lot of fun. I’m glad I did it. - J.M.

Very organised, which was excellent and most appreciated. Excellent massage teaching .....Good value for money. Fair..... Overall - recommend this course. Thank you very much. - M.S.

I enjoyed your classes because you ran them in an organised, professional and efficient manner. You offered much more than massage which I was thankful for. It has answered many questions for me!! - E.H.

.....what an experience .... I have enjoyed every moment Maureen and all the new friends I’ve made. Thank you, thank you. L.B.

Very informative. A good way to learn the art of massage, as well as an excellent introduction to the Natural Therapies. - F.R.

Very enjoyable & rewarding. Not only the practical, which is comprehensive, but I have learnt a great deal from the anatomy and physiology theory - some things of which I was quite ignorant. Maureen Harmony is an astute teacher ........A great course. - T.P.

....One of the greatest attributes to the course is the way we learnt the massage as a part of holistic healing - not as a separate healing therapy. Thanks. - S.D.

This was one of the greatest years of my life. Thank you Maureen firstly for teaching me all about massage and the benefits, for helping me to understand myself and others..... I was pleased with all aspects of the course, the teaching and instruction were great. Thank you Maureen. - D.F.

‘Great! Have learnt so much about myself and life in general! Such a positive and inspirational experience. Loved it!! Made some really fantastic friends which has been an extra bonus! Great to have learnt so many different techniques and skills!’ SM

‘It has been a very beneficial course, not only for the new skills but the personal growth I have experienced through the year’ KH

‘Your course was/is very enjoyable. I learnt a lot of things I never knew about myself... the body as a whole... and a lot of other neat things. I really liked how you incorporated a lot more subjects in and the way that you expressed your views and listened to ours. Thanks’ TT

‘It was a very enjoyable course, great fun, met some wonderful people..... I recommend it to anyone ..... great teacher ..... I will be back to do another course next year.... Excellent!’ JF

‘Thoroughly enjoyed. Appreciate the scope of massage styles I have learnt and have at my disposal. So pleased that my husband and I have done this together..... Will always carry a bit of your wisdom around with me. Thank you’ CH

‘More than just a massage course. I’ve learned about taking a holistic approach to my life and helping others. Thank you Maureen for your continued patience, understanding, knowledge and ability to put things into terms we could all understand. You are a wonderful teacher and I am proud to be one of your graduates.’ KH

‘It has been a great experience. I have learnt so much about massage and myself..... I have made valuable friendships...... I appreciate and acknowledge the guidance through the year.’ ID

‘What an incredible journey of learning. Not only of massage techniques, but of self discovery.... what an amazing thing the human form is. Highly recommended to anyone interested in learning massage....... a whole new world.’ VB

‘I have found this course to be the best experience of my life ......there should be more people around who have your positive attitude, as well as insight. Thank you.’ RC

‘I have been so enriched by the experience. I thank you for being on my new path.’ KW

‘My sister is a massage therapist in Melbourne. As her diploma only covered massage, by the time she had attended additional courses to acquire as many techniques as I have learnt in my one course, it cost her over $10,000!' RC

‘FANTASTIC. I came into the course with certain expectations, and I have now finished the course way beyond my expectations, getting a whole lot more enjoyment and satisfaction out of massage than I thought. Love the friendship and feel heaps more confident in myself than when I started.... I was really looking for something and I found it. Thanks heaps’ VB

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